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Native Hill Farm at Montava

Native Hill At Montava:

Poudre Valley Community Farms was formed when Nic and Katie from Native Hill Farm asked their community to come together and try and help solve the land availability problem for local farmers.  For 5+ years they had tried to find a permanent home for their growing farming operation.  Since 2015 when PVCF was formed the coop has found, researched, partnered, and been under contract on a variety of properties with the goal to accomplish the mission to stabilize an important local producer for our local food network.  After the original property fell through in 2016 and the other potential properties never came on the market they found a partner in an unlikely source – a neighborhood development.

Timeline and property: PVCF and Native Hill were approached by Montava in early 2017. Since then the three parties (Montava, PVCF, and Native HIll)  have been in talks to find a solution for how to implement a 40-acre farm on the new Montava development. The goal is to be producing on the property in 2020.

Size:  40 acres

Producer: Native Hill will be the primary producer on the 40 acres.

About Native Hill

Native Hill Farm has been in business in the Fort Collins community for 9 years. They sell their produce through a variety of channels including CSA shares, the local farmer’s market, and wholesale contracts. Native Hill has developed a solid reputation as skilled producers and caring community members, making them the ideal leaseholder in the Montava neighborhood.

About Montava

Montava is an agri-urban development that is under review north of Fort Collins. For more details see

Project Updates

3/1/20: Thank you to everyone who attended the Montava Second Reading on February 18, 2020! We are delighted to announce that the Fort Collins City Council voted to approve the Planned Unit Development. This approval enables the Montava Team and Native Hill at Montava to begin the design and implementation phase of the project. To read more about their commitment to our community, please visit the Montava blog. We will continue to update this page as the project continues.