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Current Projects

Native Hill at MontavaNative Hill, PVCF’s founding producer member, is moving forward and working with Montava as they work on an agri-centered development north of Fort Collins.

Jodar Farms at Dixon StationWe’re thrilled to announce that in June of 2018 PVCF bought its first 109 acre property north of Wellington, CO. This property is leased to a small animal and egg producer – Jodar Farms.


Current Fundraising Projects

PVCF is currently fundraising and offering a new round of memberships in its coop as we work on financing Dixon Station where Jodar Farms has moved and as we continue working with Native Hill on Montava. For more information on Membership please sign up below. 

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Property Search History:

In April 2017, PVCF terminated the contract to purchase this initial property because of the proposal for a concrete batch plant on a neighboring property.  For more information on these developments, see this blog post.