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Jodar Farms at Dixon Station – old

Project Overview:

In June 2018, PVCF purchased Dixon Station, a 109-acre property just north of Wellington Colorado.  We were able to purchase this with bridge loans from community members as the purchase had to happen fast if we were to secure the land.  These 109 acres have 3 irrigation wells, 1 domestic well, and two additional irrigation shares. It cost us cost $1.3 million and now Jodar Farms has an affordable 15-year lease at Dixon Station for its chicken-eggs-pork operation. It is named Dixon Station after the nearby train stop that was used for loading sugar beets when the region was known for its many beet farms.

PVCF’s campaign to repay the bridge loans is now in full swing. Our model is to bring together community funds, conservation dollars, and support from multiple entities in the community to preserve local farmland for local farmers.  As a community member concerned about farmland preservation, supporting younger farmers, and reestablishing agricultural commons, please consider:

  • JOINING the PVCF Coop as a member-owner: the PVCF Coop at $2500/share for membership. 
Our goal is $200,000. Become a PVCF Member-Owner today or join us at one of our upcoming events and Q&A’s.
  • DONATING to the conservation easement, supported by Colorado Open Lands and matched by Larimer County. Our goal is $150,000. Direct donation available at Colorado Open Lands.

About Jodar Farms:

Jodar Farms is a family-run farm owned by Aaron and Ria Rice that is dedicated to producing wholesome, nutrient-rich foods. Established in 2009, they believe in raising their animals with all-natural growing practices and they strongly believe that animals should experience the things in life that make us all happy… warm sunshine, green grass, and cool breezes.

Along with producing healthy animals, they believe that people should know the whole truth about what they are eating. Complete records of where the animals came from, how they are raised, and where they are processed are readily available. By keeping their CSA members informed, they believe they will be able to make better decisions about the food they feed their families.

What they raise: Jodar focuses on Eggs, Pork, and Chicken with the lamb and turkeys as specialty seasonal products.

Jodar offers two main CSA seasons:  Summer and Winter.  The Summer CSA season starts in June and lasts until October.  This is the only way to buy meat chickens from Jodar Farms.  The Winter CSA starts in January and lasts until May.  This is primarily designed for eggs, pork, and beef (from another source neighbor).  PVCF members will have the first options to purchase CSA shares and any purchase from Jodar will contribute to member dividends once dividends are distributed.

Learn more about Jodar at their website

Project Update

12/20/2020: As many of you know from our member meeting last Spring, one of the most important objectives we laid out for 2019 and 2020 was to pay back the loans that allowed us to purchase Dixon Station. The board of directors and Executive Director, Clinton, have worked hard on this year and we’ve learned a lot as we’ve pursued various approaches in the past 10 months. We have worked with Jodar on a variety of strategies and have come to the conclusion that the best way to fulfill our mission to conserve this property, support our local farmers, and to be debt-free, is to sell the house and with it about 35 acres. Jodar Farm will continue to operate on the property and of the 109 acres purchased in 2018, PVCF will retain 74 acres, 2 irrigation wells, and 2 shares of North Poudre water. We will provide more updates on this development as we begin the process of listing the house for sale.