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Native Hill Farm at Montava

In early 2017, PVCF and Native Hill were approached by the developer of the Montava new-urbanism development to be the owners and managers of a 40-acre farm within the proposed housing development.

Montava is a long-term development project of approximately 1000 acres in northeast Fort Collins. Montava will use a phased approach to achieve buildout of the Montava community, which is planned to include about 4,200 dwelling units. Montava is expected to be developed in phases over 25 or more years.

Farm Owner: Poudre Valley Community Farms (land ownership to be transferred to PVCF once home sales begin in 2024/2025)
40 acres
Producer: Native Hill Farm

About Montava

Located in Fort Collins, Colorado, Montava will be a community built on over 20 years of planning and generations of passion. Montava is a complete community focused on connecting people to their food, the environment, to nature and to each other.