Dixon Station | Poudre Valley Community Farms

Dixon Station

In June 2018, the Poudre Valley Community Farms Coop purchased Dixon Station, a property just north of Wellington, Colorado. Using a grassroots coop model, we were able to purchase this property with bridge loans and community membership shares. The property was named Dixon Station after the nearby train stop that was used for loading sugar beets when the region was known for its many beet farms.

Dixon Station, now home to Jodar Farms, is 74 acres, has 2 irrigation wells, and 2 shares of North Poudre water. In 2021 the land was put into a conservation easement through Colorado Openlands, ensuring the land cannot be developed.

About Jodar Farms

Jodar Farms at Dixon Station is a family-run farm owned by Aaron and Ria Rice. Jodar is dedicated to producing wholesome, nutrient-rich foods. Established in 2009, they believe in raising their animals with all-natural growing practices and they strongly believe that animals should experience the things in life that make us all happy… warm sunshine, green grass, and cool breezes.

What they raise: Jodar focuses on eggs, pork, and chicken and other seasonal products.