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City of Fort Collins

Rows of garlic growing with a cool, cloudy sunset in the distance.

Since 2019, PVCF has been growing an incredible partnership with the City of Fort Collins, particularly the Natural Areas Department. Since purchasing farmland is cost prohibitive in the current real estate market, this partnership is of the utmost importance to our mission to expand local food production and has already resulted in leases to six local farmers!


In late 2019, the City of Fort Collins released a request for proposals for 250 acres of city-owned land in south Fort Collins called Flores del Sol. The city sought interesting ideas for agricultural development on the land and in response to this exciting opportunity, PVCF put together a comprehensive proposal for the land, including a farm commons for established producers, a farm incubator, farm stand, educational programming, and more. In 2020 after gaining approval from the city, PVCF became the lessor for the property. Soon after, we entered into an agreement with the city to manage agriculture at a property called Kestrel Fields, and in 2022 signed a service contract with the city for grazing at Pryor Natural Area.

City Properties Managed by PVCF

Flores Del Sol Natural Area (Leased from City of Fort Collins)
Kestrel Fields Natural Area (Leased from City of Fort Collins)
Pryor Natural Area (Service contract from City of Fort Collins)