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Land & Partners

Native Hill at Montava

Native Hill, PVCF’s founding producer member, is moving forward and working with Montava as they work on an agri-centered development north of Fort Collins. Visit the project page for more details.

Jodar Farms at Dixon Station

We’re thrilled to announce that in June of 2018 PVCF bought its first 109-acre property north of Wellington, CO. This property is leased to a small animal and egg producer – Jodar Farms. Visit the project page for more details.

City of Fort Collins Land

In the fall of 2019 PVCF was selected by the City of Fort Collins to manage about 250 acres of city-owned land in south Fort Collins for agricultural use and development. Visit the project page for more details.

Current Fundraising Projects

We are currently fundraising and offering a new round of cooperative memberships in support of Dixon Station, where Jodar Farms has moved, and as we continue working with Native Hill at Montava. For more information on membership, please visit our membership page or contact us at

For information about donations, please visit our donation page.