January Events | Poudre Valley Community Farms

January Events

Early this year we hosted the first of many member and community events in support of local farms, the Dixon Station Conservation Easement, and more. In January we had the opportunity to hold two great events on the same weekend.

Friday, January 24th the second screening of Dreaming of a Vetter World was hosted for the community, this time at the awesome Wolverine Publick House. And it was a packed house! All proceeds from the ticket sales went directly to supporting the Conservation Easement on PVCF’s Dixon Station land. Thanks to the amazing interest in this event, we will be hosting more movie screenings in the future such as The Biggest Little Farm, Farmer’s Footprint, and more. If you have a specific movie you’d like to see, we’d love to know! Email us at info@farmland.coop.

The next day, Saturday, January 25th, we welcomed over 30 PVCF cooperative members to a barn warming in celebration of Native Hill’s incredible new packhouse. We enjoyed an evening of community building, conversation, and shared a delicious potluck. We hope to host at least one member or community event every month, so be sure subscribe to our newsletter and keep an eye on our Facebook for event updates and announcements!