Board Election & Nominations | Poudre Valley Community Farms

Board Election & Nominations

PVCF is excited to open up nominations for three (3) Board seats. The Board seats in this election are for two (2) household members and one (1) at large member or three (3) household members. The Board looks forward to the new energy and thinking that these Board members will bring.

Nominations will be accepted from September 18, 2020, to October 18, 2020. An electronic vote will be held in November. Nominees shall have an opportunity to address the entire membership via a written statement distributed by email.

Members may nominate themselves or another Member. Current members of the Board with expiring terms have opted to step down and are not seeking reelection. Candidates must:
– Be Members in good standing
– Provide a written statement of introduction
– Accept all the responsibilities of a Director
– Familiarize themselves with PVCF (including formational documents)
– Attend Board meetings (usually monthly, during intense workloads may be biweekly)
– Be prepared for a 2-year term

As mentioned at the Annual Member Meeting, several other exciting opportunities are in motion that we will keep you updated on. Please feel free to reach out to with any further thoughts, questions, and feedback.