The Plan

Poudre Valley Community Farms is, at its core, a land cooperative.  By harnessing the power of member-owner investment and combining it with creative financing techniques such as conservation easements and community partnerships the cooperative buys and owns farmland.  The cooperative leases long-term to local farmers and ranchers at competitive market rates.

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Current Fundraising Projects

PVCF is currently fundraising and offering a new round of memberships in its coop as we work on financing our first property purchase that closed June 2018. For more information on becoming a member please sign up on our contact page


How it Works


How A Multi-stakeholder Cooperative Works

The vehicle for achieving PVCF’s mission is a multi-stakeholder cooperative.  First, let’s consider the more familiar but less important parts of PVCF.  Think of a traditional consumer cooperative, like a food co-op, where consumers pool their buying power to purchase products at better prices.  Now think of a traditional producer cooperative, like most farmers’ cooperatives, that pool buying power and access to distributors and consumers to benefit the producer.  Now put the two together and you have an understanding of the LESS important parts of PVCF.

Now consider the third, and MOST important, part of the PVCF cooperative model.  The consumers and the producers contribute capital through their membership dues which is used to purchase farmland.  The long-term access to farmland to produce food is the key to this land cooperative model.



Funding Land Purchases

The funding sources for PVCF projects are not limited to only the membership dues of our member-owners.  For each project, PVCF explores a wide variety of funding sources to ensure the success of the land purchase including

  • Donations
  • Partner investments
  • Conservation Easements (where appropriate)