Pilot Project

We have received pledges for 93% of the funding on our first land purchase. Join us today!

Funding Progress

PVCF has been pursuing a particular piece of farmland for two years as our pilot farmland purchase.  In April 2017, PVCF terminated the contract to purchase this initial property because of the proposal for a concrete batch plant on a neighboring property.  For more information on these developments, see this recent post.

PVCF is now in the market for a new pilot property.  We’re seeking a property with excellent soils, senior water rights, intact mineral rights and good proximity to markets in and around Fort Collins, Colorado.  PVCF is ready to move fast on an acquisition since our funding and partnerships are still in place from the original piece of land.

PVCF plans to arrange a long-term lease for food production with its first leaseholder, Native Hill Farm. Native Hill and subsequent farm leaseholders will be responsible for managing the property for their agricultural businesses.  Requirements for producers to lease the land from PVCF will include selling produce to cooperative members and in other local markets (e.g. Community Supported Agriculture or CSA shares, farmers’ markets, restaurants, institutions such as schools, the food bank, etc.) that fit the producers’ business models.

Native Hill Farm has been in business in the Fort Collins community for 8 years. They sell their produce through a variety of channels including CSA shares, the local farmer’s market, and wholesale contracts. They have been leasing land at their current location for 4 years and are looking to scale up to meet the demand for wholesale local produce in the region. To do this, they are seeking a larger, long-term home for their farming operation. Their farm business is financially strong and pays them a living wage, but they cannot afford to purchase land and water in the greater Fort Collins area. Native Hill has developed a solid reputation as skilled producers and caring community members, making them the ideal first leaseholder for Poudre Valley Community Farms.